Mr. Iraj Kazemi established IMAD.

After years of experience as Commercial Manager of Iranian leading large scale industries where he had been engaged in high grade Int値 deals, he has been devoted his best to establish a private firm of IMAD to promote and apply his knowledge with co-operating with his faithful and responsible collogues.

IMAD with having high management ability in commercial affairs, professional staff & using it's bright experience helps businessmen to extend their business. Having full time & part time staff that are expert in Commerce, Economics, Law, Banking, Int値 Logistics & other necessities.

May needed to explain that all executive staffs are educated, efficient & accurate, professional knowledge and requirements are available to them. 

 Managing Director:

Mr. Iraj Kazemi
MBA (Master degree in Business Administration)
Official Expert in Law at customs affairs
Expert in Int値 Trading
Expert in Int値 Industrial Supplies
Expert in Technology Transfer
Expert in China & Far East Economics 

 Executive Manager:

Mr. Behnam Hozouri
MBA (Master degree in Business Administration)
Expert in Int値 Trading
Expert in Marketing
Expert in Int値 Logistics
Expert in India Sub continental Economics

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