IMAD Logistics Technology unit (LT) offers comprehensive logistics services based on its expertise, world-wide network, and advanced IT infrastructure. The LT Unit offers custom-design logistics projects for its customers. With its strength centered mostly in Asia & Europe, it can handle various types of logistics for clients, from sourcing to distributing industrial parts and chemicals and complete production line solutions to domestic users to offering best shipping offers. IMAD Corporation Logistics through it's associated offices abroad has greater control over your products and information flow and increases visibility of shipments via any simple connection to the company.

With its broad experience in logistics activities, and its capabilities of procurement and risk management, including appropriate insurance arrangements and investments as a trader, IMAD Corporation provides unique and comprehensive logistics services for its customers.

IMAD Corporation has numerous world-wide, logistics associated offices in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, in brief South East Asia and Western Europe.


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