IMAD being established in 1996 works in the fields of:

 :: Int値 Trading
:: Int値 Commercial Projects Management Services
:: Int値 Technology Transfer Management Service
:: Int値 Commercial Consultancy Services

IMAD In the field of Int値 Trading, works on Industrial Supplies such as Machineries, Hardware, Moulds, Raw Materials, Mechanical Parts, Electric & Electronic Parts, Assembly Parts (CKD & SKD), OEM, ODM, Spare Parts, Consumables, .

IMAD In the field of Project Management Services, works on Import, Export, Technology Transfer, .

IMAD In the field of Commercial Consultancy Services, works on Sourcing, Marketing, Banking, Logistics Technology (LT), .

IMAD serves it痴 valuable clients to achieve real results. With experienced employees in Iran and qualified associated offices abroad. IMAD stands behind the work it takes. IMAD is serving over 1000 partners in Iran in which our clients satisfaction is guaranteed since the solutions we provide are tailor-made to change the threats to opportunities and needs to satisfactions.

IMAD organized, quick, accurate & professional process lead to our partners assurance.

IMAD is authorized by the related authorities to dully conduct it痴 mentioned activities, as well as being member of:

  • Isfahan Chamber of Commerce
  • Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • Iran-China Chamber of Commerce
  • Iran-South Korea Chamber of Commerce
  • Iran-China Arbitration bureau committee
  • Iran-China Trade & Logistics committee

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